We have a highly specialized tax and intellectual law practice offering practical and responsive services to our clients' requirements as follows:

Common examples of the types of matters we regularly deal with:

Taxation Advisory Services:
  • Technical assistance to clients on all matters relating to ZIMRA and tax risk management.
  • Representing clients during ZIMRA audits and investigations, successfully assisting clients to minimise tax exposure.
  • Assisting clients in raising objections and appeals to assessments raised by ZIMRA.
  • Negotiating with ZIMRA on behalf of clients for waiver and or reduction of penalties that may have been raised by ZIMRA.
  • Giving advice to clients on all taxes, i.e. PAYE, VAT, Income Tax, Withholding Taxes, Presumptive Tax, Customs.
  • Zimra registration for all revenue heads.
  • Income tax computations for QPDs and final returns.
  • Providing assistance to clients during mergers and de-mergers, acquisitions etc.
  • Tax planning, and legally reducing tax exposure.
  • Tax audits (tax health checks) and advise on areas of tax exposure and/or opportunities for tax saving.
Transfer Pricing Advisory Services:
  • Comprehensive transfer pricing policy design
  • Transfer pricing documentation
  • Transfer pricing studies
  • Intangible property planning, including cost sharing arrangements
  • Assisting with Advance Pricing Arrangements
  • Controversy assistance, including audit/enquiry defence and objection and appeals
  • Ongoing implementation, management and monitoring of transfer pricing arrangements
Management Consultancy Services
Financial Advisory Services
Business Restructuring
Foreign Investment into Zimbabwe
Project Management and Capital Raising
Corporate Governance and SRP


In this world noth can be said to be certain...


...Except Death and Taxes